Azimut 55ft 'My Choice'

The Azimut 55ft "My Choice" is an exceptional maritime masterpiece, seamlessly blending elegance, functionality, and outstanding features. With its length of 55 feet (approximately 16.8 meters), this yacht showcases harmonious aesthetics and captivating lines.

The interior of "My Choice" dazzles with its style and opulence. Spacious cabins and common areas are artistically designed using high-quality materials and innovative design. Large windows let natural light flood in, creating an ambiance of warmth and relaxation.

On the deck of the Azimut 55ft "My Choice", there are expansive areas for leisure and entertainment. A spacious cockpit and sun deck with loungers provide the perfect spot to enjoy fresh air and ocean views. The swimming platform offers easy access to the water and opens up opportunities for water sports.

Technically, the yacht is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and safety systems, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey. Powerful engines enable the vessel to reach impressive speeds while maintaining efficient fuel consumption.

The Azimut 55ft "My Choice" is the perfect pick for those who value luxury, style, and unforgettable maritime adventures. This yacht beckons you to embark on a unique journey in a world of comfort and elegance.

Manufacturer: Italy

Length: 17m/55ft

Number of cabins: 2 (for 4 people)

Passenger capacity: up to 12 people

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