Key Largo 30ft

Key Largo
The Key Largo 30ft yacht is a unique blend of practicality, style, and functionality. With a length of 30 feet (approximately 9.1 meters), it's an excellent choice for those seeking a compact yet comfortable yacht for maritime adventures.

Its modern design and ergonomics make the Key Largo 30ft an incredibly convenient platform for cruising. An open cockpit with comfortable seating and relaxation areas creates an atmosphere of freedom and openness.

The interior of the Key Largo 30ft is designed with maximum space efficiency in mind. Cabins and the salon are decorated with contemporary materials, offering basic but cozy comfort.

The technical specifications of the Key Largo 30ft include reliable navigation and safety systems, making it suitable for short journeys and cruises.

The Key Largo 30ft yacht is the perfect choice for couples and small groups seeking a unique maritime adventure experience. Its compact size doesn't diminish the comfort and pleasure it can offer.

Manufacturer: Italy

Length: 9,1m/30ft

Number of cabins: None

Passenger capacity: up to 8 people

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