Ocean Dream 143ft

The Ocean Dream 143ft yacht embodies luxury, the romance of the sea, and unforgettable adventures. Measuring a majestic 143 feet (approximately 43.6 meters), it stands out among watercraft, blending impressive dimensions with refined design.

The interior of the Ocean Dream 143ft dazzles with opulence and sophistication. Spacious cabins and common areas are adorned with high-quality materials and furnishings, creating an ambiance of warmth and relaxation. Luxurious finishes and details accentuate the yacht's refined character.

On the deck of the Ocean Dream 143ft, extensive leisure and entertainment areas are provided. Spacious decks, a wide cockpit, and cozy lounge zones make for the perfect spot to relish picturesque maritime views. A swimming platform facilitates easy water access and offers the potential for diverse water activities.

Technical features of the Ocean Dream 143ft include advanced navigation, safety, and comfort systems, ensuring the highest standard in maritime travel. Powerful engines guarantee impressive speed and stability on the water.

The Ocean Dream 143ft yacht is the perfect choice for those dreaming of lavish and memorable maritime adventures. Its name reflects the desire to realize dreams of magnificent sea voyages.

Manufacturer: France

Length: 43,6m/143ft

Number of cabins: 4, VIP - Jacuzzi (for 20 people)

Passenger capacity: up to 120 people

Crew: India, Philippines, South Africa

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