Azimut 75ft "Victoria"

The Azimut 75ft Victoria yacht embodies luxury, style, and engineering sophistication in the world of marine adventures. The blend of exquisite design and cutting-edge technology makes this yacht the ideal choice for those who value comfort, elegance, and outstanding performance on the water.

With its 75-foot length (approximately 22.9 meters) and refined hull line, the Azimut 75ft Victoria has a captivating appearance that instantly draws attention on any water body. Thanks to innovative engineering and the expertise of Italian craftsmen, this yacht offers unparalleled sailing characteristics, ensuring smooth and stable motion even under unpredictable conditions.

The interior of the Azimut 75ft Victoria amazes with its luxury and comfort. Spacious cabins and communal areas are executed with meticulous attention to detail. Exquisite finishing materials, high-quality furniture, and intelligent lighting create an atmosphere of sophistication and coziness. Brightly lit windows allow for enjoying captivating views of the surrounding sea.

On the deck of the Azimut 75ft Victoria, there are spacious areas for relaxation and entertainment. Sun loungers, a wide cockpit, and a cozy lounge area provide an ideal setting for unwinding under the open sky. A large swimming platform facilitates easy access to the water and allows enjoyment of water sports.

Technically speaking, the Azimut 75ft Victoria is equipped with advanced navigation, safety, and comfort systems. Powerful engines ensure high speed and fuel efficiency, allowing for long-distance travel.

In summary, the Azimut 75ft Victoria yacht is a harmonious blend of elegance, engineering prowess, and luxury. It invites its owners and guests on a unique sea journey in style and comfort.

Manufacturer: Italy

Length: 22,9m/75ft

Number of cabins: 3 (for 6 people)

Passenger capacity: up to 40 people

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