Azimut 55ft 'Yes'

The Azimut 55ft "Yes" embodies luxury, style, and the thrill of maritime adventures. Measuring 55 feet in length (approximately 16.8 meters), it stands out with its sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology, giving it a distinctive flair.

The interior of the "Yes" yacht impresses with its elegant decor and opulence. Spacious cabins and shared spaces are furnished with refinement, using top-quality materials and a modern design. An acute attention to detail sets an ambiance of warmth and relaxation.

On the deck of the Azimut 55ft "Yes", there are diverse areas for leisure and entertainment. A spacious cockpit and comfortable sun loungers provide the perfect setting to bask in fresh air and ocean views. The swim platform facilitates easy water access and offers a gateway to aquatic fun.

Technically, "Yes" boasts advanced navigation and safety systems, ensuring a smooth and carefree voyage. Efficient engines guarantee high speeds and fuel-efficient performance.

The Azimut 55ft "Yes" is the go-to choice for those wanting to immerse themselves in a maritime world of luxury and comfort. Its name, "Yes", symbolizes a readiness for unforgettable adventures and continuous pleasure.

Manufacturer: Italy

Length: 17m/55ft

Number of cabins: 2 (for 4 people)

Passenger capacity: up to 24 people

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