Duretti Imagine 80ft

The Imagine 80ft yacht embodies luxury, innovation, and incredible maritime capabilities. Measuring 80 feet in length (approximately 24.4 meters), it captures attention and impresses with its refined design and cutting-edge technology.

The interior of the Imagine 80ft yacht astonishes with its elegance and opulence. Spacious cabins and common areas are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, utilizing high-quality materials and innovative design. Natural light filtering through broad windows enhances the ambiance of warmth and comfort.

On the deck of the Imagine 80ft, expansive areas are designated for relaxation and entertainment. A spacious cockpit, cozy outdoor lounges, and sun loungers make for the perfect setting to enjoy the marine atmosphere and picturesque vistas. A swimming platform ensures easy and convenient water access, fostering various water sports.

Technical specifications of the Imagine 80ft incorporate advanced navigation, safety, and comfort systems, ensuring a carefree and harmonious voyage. Powerful engines guarantee not only top speeds but also efficient fuel consumption.

The Imagine 80ft yacht offers the chance to bring dreams of lavish maritime adventures to life. It captures the imagination with its name, inviting you to envision the most extraordinary maritime scenarios.

Manufacturer: UAE

Length: 24,4m/80ft

Number of cabins: 2 Master, VIP, 1 Double (for 15 people)

Passenger capacity: up to 35 people

Crew: India, Philippines, South Africa

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